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Neil Simmons Photography

Neil Simmons

Neil Simmons is a Jackson Hole and Alpine based Wedding Photographer, Family Portrait Photographer, Landscape Fine Art and Wildlife Photographer. Also serving Star Valley, Teton Valley and Idaho Falls with professional photography services. To view or purchase his artwork click here.

Damselfly Designs Jewelry

Leanna Simmons was born in Waialua, Oahu and raised in Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo. Now residing in Wyoming. A wife and mother of two, Leanna started making jewelry seven years ago. She's been selling her work at art and craft fairs along the Central Coast and she has work in the Art of Capitola Artisans store and other shops in the Santa Cruz County. She also just opened a new gallery in Alpine Wy with her husband photographer Neil Simmons.

Her jewelry is inspired by natures elegance and she likes to work with silver, brass, antiqued gold and glass. The symbol of the dragonfly is important to Leanna's work because it represents change through self-realization and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Leanna enjoys making jewelry that is sophisticated, elegant, and full of deeper meaning.
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